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Apr 4 2022 - 15:00
Llandovery (SA20 0NB Wales)
Llanerchindda Farm, Cynghordy

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Snow and sore throat remedies ... but realization must be!


For many of us in a cold garage doing the “winter project”
Mine was a unique SWM for the presentation at Telford Classic off road bike show.
Few of you saw it, then an avalanche of comments from all over Europe.
So, what was it all about…Philippe taking an old frame, a spare swing arm, motocross rear wheel that needed attention, an old scratched front fork and a spare seat cover.
Oh ….and an engine with attitude, after Philippe's tuning 
Then of course added a bit of fiberglass, some large tires, some bits here & there and two stunning colors
Et voila!
and below picture that describe well.... The "belle" & the beast
lovely isn't it! 
as for the rest of the show and about 2 dozen of emails from all over
Well that was not all as expected…
I got lots of stick, quite equal as compliments….
 I anticipated some “Head scratching” and did answer the question on the mind of all curious
Then as you see on rear tail of the bike was already the answer
Why not



Bad videos….but great machine!

(Or await VMX Magazine in few months to know more of the reasons behind it)
So, I thought to get away with it ….but the “purist” in vintage enduro fail to see something exciting and innovative
OK, I will simplify this matter by just stating that after 9 years restoring bikes to a very-very respectable standard
From Bultaco, Can-am, CCM Armstrong, KTM Penton,
Moto Beta, Puch, and about a dozen of SWM….
I just wanted to have fun
“Fun from the moment the idea is in my head, then the researches, the built up, the concept and all that goes with it, the things that went great and mostly wrong and the end result….
Not bad for a Chef
  I do not endorse the most used annotations    
 “That was a perfectly good bike you transformed and you could have rebuild an enduro and get good money of the resell”
 I do these bikes for hobby, kind of therapeutic time in my workshop,
not for commercial reason
I felt content!
But again … it may be me who failed to comprehend the expectations ??? 


Story to follow…. After trying it on a short track
The little quiz
From previous newsletter
I got very few of you attempting to add these figures
But hey, was not expecting much, just making a point that hopefully will be valued
So, a SWM Properly restored, without cutting corners
You will need £1880 average on top of the donor bike
(Yes, that is just an average and even not near to be 100% road legal if you are not lucky to already hold a V5 for the bike)
So, the winner is …. Olivier B…. Sorry a Frenchy!
He owns already 2 SWM, a Mini cross and a 125cc
So I guess he been already through these expenses (in euros) but he mentioned the equivalent of £1800 without big engine expenses…
Bravo! Will send you this SWM key ring and one special SWM badge to stich on your Brema jacket!
And I will conclude this exercise to mention that I have done some bikes that cost me over £2700 for restoration only
That is truly and nearly foolish as it’s very difficult to recover the money
But that is called passion.
SWM Exhausts
We all love our Lafranconi’s exhaust and silencers
They were specially designed for these SWM from 1977 till 1983
 Getting rarer to find in good condition, and at very high prices
So, if you finish an enduro as I did few years back with the crushed silencer and front pipe, you get quite depress as your bike will never look the same and devalue.
It's few makers of aftermarket exhausts in USA and in Italy
But Philippe been difficult…I present you with my reproduction of very well made, very strong at the bottom bend
(count the welding’s!)
And a tight fit for the silencer connection.



Made in UK

For any big CC SWM (347, 370 & 440cc) …as pictured

Then in spring for the 125, 175 & 250cc

And more great metal work to be expected

Watch this space….


 If of any interest, contact me, pre-order- taken



If …well lots of If’s…
You have a vintage machine that not ridden it for a while,
 and simply do not fancy racing it
Not even sure that after restoration or been stored in a shed, how it will works, need tuning and little niggles to try out and to be fixed
May or not have a road legal bike
Thought for years that it was too good to be used in the mud, then now decided to give it a go
Or been many years since you last jumped on an off road bike (then nostalgia catches!)
Do like to be mixed with like-minded without apprehension
Could do with a kind of practice day (that will be for bike and rider)

Do not mind to share a BBQ and few stories


Well…contact me  

as I will be organising such events in UK on private land.



That is it for this short issue

may I take this opportunity to thanks the 44 subscribed followers

sorry if these newsletters are not "action Packed  and full of stories and pictures" as I wished (a bit busy as we all are...)

and about the many readers all around the world that asked great questions and shown interest in SWM.


If I can be of any help!?




Bye for now